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Whether it’s the entrance to your home or your backyard oasis, plant selection and placement is the core of any well executed landscape design. We truly believe in “the right plant for the right place.” All of our plants are purchased from Northern Illinois nurseries so they are compatible with the local soil and climate. We select your plants with the highest standards and reject any that we would not put in our own backyards. Our plant specialist has over 30 years nursery and horticultural experience, and personally selects all of our larger plant materials. This specialist also purchases all of our shrubs and perennials with the same exacting standards.


What is done to my plant beds to prepare them for planting?

To ensure your plants get off to the right start, we have a full plant bed preparation process. All beds are rototilled to ensure that the plants’ roots have room to grow and are not constricted by compacted soil. After the soil is loosened, it is mixed with an organic leaf compost to give the plant a much needed boost to get started. This preparation helps the roots establish quickly so the plant will be able to focus more on growth, flowering and leafing out properly.

What happens if a plant dies?

ULA will replace any plant that dies within two years (one time) with no charge for labor and materials. You’ll find that the industry standard is a one year replacement policy and some firms will charge you labor.

How is my project scheduled?

Once a contract and deposit are received, your job will be put on the schedule board in the next available time slot. We do try to work with our customers if there is a special date in mind to have the project completed. You will be notified as to the approximate start date. Start dates vary due to weather and possible delays of other projects.

What time do your crews start and how long will they be at my house?

Our crews typically arrive at a job site between 7:30 am and 8 am, depending on traffic and distance. We typically work an eight hour day, five days a week. In order to get the job done on time, our crews occasionally work overtime and Saturdays.

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