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ULA understands that beautiful landscape grows from a landscape design plan that meets the homeowner’s needs. Our landscape designers will help make your ideas come true and make sure your landscape is cohesive, aesthetic and successful. The first step to help you create a peaceful retreat, entrance to your home, entertaining area or even a simple plant bed restoration is to meet with a ULA landscape designer.


Why do I need a landscape plan?

Like designing a room addition, proper landscaping is an extension of your home. A well thought out and executed plan will result a space that flows and will truly be a retreat. You wouldn’t think of adding an addition to your home without a plan and any serious landscaping should be handled in the same way.

Do I get to keep my plan?

Yes. Once you pay for a plan with ULA, it is yours to keep. That’s the beauty of working with ULA. Many other landscape firms use in-house designers and will not sell their plans to you unless you hire that firm to install the work, too.

What will a plan cost?

Sometimes customers feel concerned that a landscape plan will be pricey, like an architectural plan, and then they are surprised to learn that landscape plans are much more reasonably priced. Your initial consultation with a ULA designer is free. As our designers are independent, they each have their own pricing scale. Factors that affect the price of the plan are yard size, multi-level grade changes that require surveying (such as tiered gardens) and how elaborate of a design you request.

What if we get a plan done for our entire yard but cannot afford to do the whole project?

That’s the beauty of have a plan done in the first place. You can improve your outdoor living space in phases as your budget allows, keeping the plan over time.

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